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Richmond Country Farms

Richmond Country Farms Market is a unique and lively place to shop. You will find aisle upon aisle of fresh produce from across BC and from our farm gardens.  

The vibrant agricultural heritage of Richmond BC has helped make our Farmers' Market a popular attraction for local shoppers and visitors alike. 

The Lower Mainland climate offers excellent growing conditions for an incredible variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Our farm and local, small-scale, family farms cultivate many unusual, heirloom and unique varieties that cannot be found in regular grocery stores.

While it is true that our market offers many specialty items and unique products that might fall in to the category of splurges or special treats, the vast majority of the fruits, vegetables, herbs and berries are actually cheaper at our farmers market, especially organics. 

Parking is always free and just steps away from the market. We pride ourselves on being stroller and wheelchair friendly.

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    Richmond Country Farms

    Richmond Country Farms grow fruits and vegetables, specializing in corn and pumpkins, selling them at our farmgate market at 12900 Steveston Highway. Fresh fruits, vegetables and produce with friendly service.

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    The Pumpkin Patch

    Thousands visit the Pumpkin Patch each year.  Most visitors are pre-school and elementary students, but people of all ages share the fun. Guests enjoy many costumed entertainers including Polly Pumpkin, Chuck Berry, and Korny Corn.  Music is supplied by our Farm Band and by many talented wagon entertainers.